Thursday, July 30, 2009


Dane Cook. Not only is he super super good looking but hes freaking hilarious. I was just on and i was watching one of his videos. Omg i could not stop laughing. And its not like its the first time i have seen it but it just never stops being funny. I remember the first time i watched it i was like wtf this is not funny but now watching it again its pretty dam funny. Dane Cook is like super uber funny.
Imagine actually naming yewr kid Thrrrrr!! Omg i think i would just die of laughter evertytime i called him/her over. Its just freaking retarded to name yewr kid Thrrrr! Dam now i wish my name was Thrrr. Maybe then i wouldnt get in trouble so much. Maybe everytime my mom would start to yell at me, "God Dam It Thrrr!... You... " and then she would i forget wat she was gonna yell at me for cause she would be to busy laughing at my name. So i guess at the end of a troublesome day its a good thing.. Thrrrr.

Haha cant get enough of Thrrr..
&& then all that crap about optimus prime and megatron?? wtf that is some funny shitt! "Optimus prime come over here and sit next to megatron i wanna talk to you.... TTTHRRRRR I SAID NO COOKIES!!!" haha poor thrr.. he/she is always in trouble :p
well i recommend that everyone watch that video cuz its classic.. totally take the time to watch it and laugh at all that thrrr shyt its so dam funny!!!
just go to youtube and type in "dane cook optimus prime" and then just click the second one i think :pp'

go for it!!!!

The Babysitter.

So i have this babysitting job. I go everyday Monday- Friday from seven in the morning to six in the evening. I babysit four kids usually. Brianna is the oldest at 8, then Natalie at 7, then Lexi at 4 and finally baby Marc at alomst 2. Its a weird situation the family is in. Sometimes i only have to babysit two of the kids because two of the go with their real mom.
So ill go into detail about it: the dad is Robert and the mom is Cynthia. Robert was banging this other chick before Cynthia and they hit it up real nice.. had two kids.. Brianna and Lexi. Cynthia was messing up this other guy before Robert and they also had a kid.. Natalie. When Robert and Cynthia hit if off they decided to make their family "complete" and had baby Marc.

Anyway they asked me to stay the night today b/c they were gonna be at work late. They should be home around nine or nine thirty.. Right now im only watching Natalie and Marc and shit its driving me crazy!! Marc is hyper up the butthole and Natalie is being uber annoying.. like usuall. but its weird cuz shes still cute in a way lol. Well marc is about the cuttest baby i have ever seen. There is pics of him on my myspace. Well one pik lol and its indirect from his face but anyway. Hes being really difficult. He asked for "papa" which of course is food. so i made him a sandwich.. he took it and just threw it on the floor! Ugh wat a little shit! Then they both worked as a team to make Gods Great mess. The house looks worse then Earth did after God flooded earth and noah got off the boat to look around.. Its crazy in here. So instead of trying to control them i just decided to come blog about it.
Its soothing anyway [:

But i really should go and set some ground rules cause if not the house is gonna burn down. I think ill just lock them in their rooms haha. Sounds easier lol. I better get to it :p

Early in the Morning.

Boys. Its amazing how they can keep yew up all nite on the phone talking about absolutely nothing & yew dont wanna hang up. Yew just stay up all nite talking about wat yew did that day & how boring yewr life is & how many people yew hate frum skewl. Stupid stuff like that. Yew ask him wats hes thinking every five minutes b/c yew have nothing else 2 talk about, & he rolls his eyes on the other side of the phone wondering wat he should say as an answer.. finally he just tells yew hes thinking about yew.. its funny that neither one wants 2 hang up the phone though :p
So last nite i stayed up till four thirty in the morning talking 2 this guy im really starting 2 like. We talked about nothing. And i mean nothing. For almost fifteen minutes we listened to each other breath on the phone. But i didnt wanna hang up, & im guessing he didnt either cuz he never said he did. Well anyway we finally struck up a conversation & we had already been talking fer a while.. so finally we both got tired & decided we would call it a nite.. i thought it was probably around midnight but wen i looked at the clock the stupid munbers shining bak at me read 4:30! OmG!
The thing is i have this so called "job". All i do is babysit sum kids at this ladys house. But i have to be there by seven thirty... i usually wake up about six thirty & leave the house by seven. So that means i would only have two hours of sleep IF i fell asleep right away! ugh life suks & so do boys. So I just got straight to bed.. it took me about two minutes 2 fall asleep n then i was out [:
BEEP BEEP BEEP! ugh my annoying alarm going off at six thirty am like it usually does during the week.. i just could not get my eyes to open.. i basically had to pryy them open with my fingernails.. but i decided to just lay my head back down & rest for another five minutes.
My mother came busrting through the door. "Cera its already gonna be seven!!!!!!"
Oh shit! i looked at the clock & it read 6:50! so i had ten minutes to do all my morning duties (:p duties) & be on my way! Wow. i was in such a hurry i almost forgot my shoes!
Dude wat a morning! And its funny cause im usually a morning person. but crap two hours of sleep! no way.. so i was late to "work" but oh well..
I really dont think im gonna be staying up so late on the phone anymore.. its killing me. As it is im about to fall asleep right now.. && i cant do that cause im watching a two year old (yet im on the computer lol but at least im awake) ha oh well [:
Learned my lesson && all that good stuff :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

so im kinda bored at home right && i dont have anything to do..
myspace is going slow
nobody is online && nothing on tv..
i decided to make a new account on another site
i just didnt know which site 2 choose.
no i dont feel like tweeting
(how do yew say tweet in past tense. is is twat or twatted or what?)
well anyway i came across a site called
& it looked pretty kewl i guess.
i didnt really understand it
i thought it would be just like myspace
so i signed up && got 2 working on the pro.
well yew cant do much 2 yewr pro.
well yew do is write an about me & thats pretty much it.
so.. i tried fer like an hour 2 figure out what it is that
im supposed 2 do b/c i had no idea lol.
so finally i was just about 2 give up
i didnt know if yew added friends to yewr WooMe page
or if the friend request got forwarded to myspace
or wat the deal was..
so i was about 2 log off n never get on again
wen i got a request
(okay i guess yew do request ppl)
i add the random guy
he wanted 2 video chat :p
get outta here lol.
i dont have a webcam number one
&& number two i just didnt want to
so i got another request
&& another
&& another
i added all of them totalling four
(haha im getting famous on WooMe lol)
then sum old guy added me && i denied him
i still right now have no idea wat im supposed to be doing on that site
so im gonna give up lol
but by anychance
if anyone has a ""
here is the link to my profile
add me but most likely
im not getting on ever again lol.

check it out lol.
its pretty lame
i have a wopping four friends && one picture that i have on this site too lol
gayness of the day..
if anyone is looking to make an account on a new site
i dont recomment

its lame.. very lame lol

Megan Fox: Do Her Thumbs Ruin Her?

I think by now everyone has heard of Megan Fox. She was called the sexiest woman on earth and was all over e true hollywood. At first glance, && second glance && third glance shes completely gorgeous. Shes the perfect picture of what america believes to be absolute beauty right? Shes got a flat tummy, somewhat nice curves (more stick figured then curvasious) and nice boobs (although in my opinion they could be a bit bigger). Most importantly she has a stunning and quite unique face. Therefore, shes gorgeous. Exactly what america portrays as a beautiful flawless woman. Wait, wait. Did i just say flawless? Lol yea i did.. but i forgot to mention Megan Foxs biggest ( && possibly only flaw besides the fact that she lives with her legs open)... her thumbs look like a big toe!

Okay, so im with my friend trey right. We were hanging with some friends at this guys house and i dont know how the subject of Megan Fox came up. Probably just cause shes really pretty.. well i dont know.. Anyway my friend trey is like " have yew seeen her thumbs" im like "no?... whats wrong with them?.." and hes like" they look like big toes( :p ) .. they just look really weird" So, of course, we all got curious. We got online and looked up Megan Foxs thumbs. Sure enough there were already pictures of her thumbs up && other regular pictures of her with circles around her thumbs intended to attract attention. I think all the guys jaws dropped, but not for a good reason.. (and thats because they were all gay) lmao yea even i was shocked to see how extremely weird her thumbs looked :p

But i guess never the less, and despite the very odd thumbs she has, shes still completely beautiful. But i realize that having weird thumbs can be unattractive to guys so i came up with some solutions:

1. she can just cut off her thumbs (although that would be even more of a turn off)

2. she can walk around with a fist all day( thumbs tucked inside her fingers)

3. she can just sit on her hands where ever she goes

4. always wear a jacket with pockets so she can hide her thumbs.

&& the list goes on.. but i think you get the idea ;)

Hottest boy ever!!

So i think i have finally decided that Channing Tatum is totally the hottest guy ever. Im really into that classic beauty kind of guy and hes totally that. When i first saw him it was on "Shes the Man" with Amanda Bynes && i thought " Egh hes a cuttie but hes not all that" Now i think hes completely gorgeous. Just everything about the way he looks && smiles && hes awesome body tells me that hes gorgeous. I love everything about that boy. Not to sound obsessed.

Anyway i was up last night wondering who the hottest guy on tv is (to me) right now and i couldnt choose between ryan renolds and robert pattinson. But then i was like " omg i totally forgot about Channing Tatum" He (to me) is the most gorgeous guy in the world lol. Well at least right now untill someone hotter comes along. [Mind you i had the same intrest in John Cena a few months back && look how fast i have moved on from that] Well for now i guess he is the most gorgeous guy i have ever seen.
I mean come on ... just go back up && stare at those gorgeous pictures for a while.. i think after a few minutes of looking yew will begin to drewl && understand why i declare him the most gorgeous man in the world!! [:

First blog ever.

Well im completely new to this website. I dont even know how it works really. :p i guess im just here talking to my self pretending i have an audience who is really going to take the time to read this "blog". Well my friend told me about this blogspot thingy n said it was pretty kewl so here i am blogging to nobody. i dont even know if yew make friends or if yew read other peoples blogs. Hmmm.. this is much more confusing then myspace.. Dam it i hate being such a dork :p oh well. so my first blog ever on this site & its about absolutely nothing. :p well i guess i dont really have anything to say except for that i dont know what im talking about anymore lol. Ugh. So i guess im going to post up this blog and pretend that a bunch of people are waiting for me to post it up and excited to read it. Lmao. okies so l8rs.