Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First blog ever.

Well im completely new to this website. I dont even know how it works really. :p i guess im just here talking to my self pretending i have an audience who is really going to take the time to read this "blog". Well my friend told me about this blogspot thingy n said it was pretty kewl so here i am blogging to nobody. i dont even know if yew make friends or if yew read other peoples blogs. Hmmm.. this is much more confusing then myspace.. Dam it i hate being such a dork :p oh well. so my first blog ever on this site & its about absolutely nothing. :p well i guess i dont really have anything to say except for that i dont know what im talking about anymore lol. Ugh. So i guess im going to post up this blog and pretend that a bunch of people are waiting for me to post it up and excited to read it. Lmao. okies so l8rs.


  1. dude wtf are you talking about?

  2. hey its just like myspace except you dont talk to people the way you do there. just write about what ever you want and people like me read and comment :)

  3. haha wtf cerra?
    if your name is spelled cera why does everyone write cerra and how do you say it?
    well anyway.. if you dont know what your doing then stop blogging lol but i have to say i loved your megan fox blog and the comments where funny too lol.

  4. haha well after the first blog the next three went well. i really like the megan fox one its funny. im not into guys so the tatum one is just whatever but the one is classic :)