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Friday, July 2, 2010


i have finally come to terms with myself, and i have realized that i AM much more imaginative then i ever thought. Bridge to Terabithia was the most inspirational movie i have ever watched and, though i thought it was a bit retarded, it changed my life (:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic i found it a bit odd that the kids, in middle school, decided they were young enough to play make believe but after watching it over and over and over again i came to the conclusion that they have the most intense and inspiring imaginations EVER.

So my bestest friend ever, mariah, and i went to some resacas down the road from her house and we decided to play indians :D Yes, we are going to be seniors in high school, but it seemed like, and was, a fun idea at the time. i was named Pohawton (paints with mud) and Mariah was Wohawton (walks with trees). We painted our entire bodies with mud and danced around like dummies. It was actually alot of fun :D
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I wanna set the world on fire
until it's burning bright for you
it's everything that i desire
can I be the one you use?

I, I am small but
you, you are big enough
I, I am weak but
you, you are strong enough
to take my dreams
come and give them wings.
Lord with you
there's nothing I cannot do.
nothing I cannot do.

I wanna feed the hungry children.
and reach across the farthest land
and tell the broken there is healing
and mercy in the Father's hands.

I, I am small but
you, you are big enough
I, I am weak but
you, you are strong enough
to take my dreams
come and give them wings.
Lord with you
there's nothing i cannot do

take my dreams
come and give them wings.
and Lord with you
there's nothing i cannot do.

my hands, my feet
my everything
my life, my love
Lord use me.
I wanna set the world on fire
wanna set the world on fire.

take my dreams
come and give them wings.
Lord with you
there's nothing i cannot do
oh no.
take my dreams
come and give them wings.
cause Lord with you
there's nothing i can't do.
nothing i can't do.
I'm gonna set the world on fire.
set the world on fire.

The Empress
Earth Mother. Creation. A woman constantly full of new ideas and thoughts. A woman who gives new life to herself. A trail blazer. A female presence that is caring and motherly. Fertility. Birth of an idea or new energy. Family issues. Hearth and home. The need to focus on family. Feminine healing. Need to cultivate your own creativity. A woman unto herself, not dependent on a partner for fulfillment. A ruler and leader of others. Motherly-type.

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i like to think i find my inspiration in the world. mother nature herself. i believe that one day i am going to save the world one piece at a time. yesterday i saved a turtle, i found him on the exit of the expressway and i pulled over on the frontage, and ran up onto the exit, dodging traffic, to save this turtle. I put him in my car and drove to the nearest resaca where i put him in the water, hoping he wouldn't die and live a long happy life :))))) aww i feel like a savior, like jesus.

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i hope to one day plant the most beautiful tree anyone has ever seen :) <3 <3 <3

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My ways of life

My Ways Of Life
He said, “The weather is beautiful tonight.. like the kind of night you could fall in love with. Let’s grab my guitar and some warm clothes and go make music in the fall moonlight. I’ll sing your song.. and the stars will sing the verse and we will write the chorus with the moon singing in harmony.”

Passion and compassion, these are the things that fill my soul. Love and peace, these are the things that fill my spirit. Intuition and drive, these are the things that fill my veins. Determination and respect, these are the things that fill my mind. These are the things that fill my life.

With every change of season,
My imagination grows.
All I can see now are
Fallen leaves
Warmer colors
Orange, amber, red, yellow, brown,
Darker shades of green.
Blue skies, sunny days,
Cool air and chilly nights.
Spooky moons and ghost stories.
Pumpkin spice frappuccinos and costume parties.
Running through a field..
An apple farm, a pumpkin patch.
Sipping cider and decorating.
Cuddling up in a blanket under a tree
Reading good books and learning new things.
Fireplace evenings or candle lit soaks.
Scarves and boots and warm, fuzzy clothes.
Cigz & Coffee & Dusty shelves at a book store
Saturday cartoons and lazy afternoons
Photographing delicate faces
Capturing the peaceful essence of Fall.
Family dinners and Sunday mornings at Church.
Fireflies and leaf piles…
This is the season that is better when not alone.
This is the season when I miss you most of all.
Bring your guitar, let me find out who You are.
Let’s get lost in the season
And find out who We are.
Be My Pumpkin Patch Lover.

“A just, caring, and thriving world where all lead with integrity and a healthy disregard for the impossible.” –LeaderShape

The colors of my energy…
I am mostly VIOLET.
Violets are the inspirational visionaries, leaders and teachers who are here to help save the planet. Most Violets feel drawn to educate the masses, to inspire higher ideals, to improve the quality of life on the planet, or to help save people, animals and the environment.
All Violets have an inner sense that they are here to do something important, that their destiny is greater than that of the average person. Most Violets have felt this way since childhood. As children, many Violets imagined becoming famous, or traveling the planet, possibly joining humanitarian causes such the Peace Corp. Many of these charismatic personalities take on roles as leaders and teachers, while other Violets prefer to reach people through music, film or other art form.
Because this era is currently the "Violet Age," any Violets who are not accomplishing what they came here to do are experiencing an inner “push” — even an inner “earthquake.” Inner forces seem to be shaking them up and pushing them to move into action, to fulfill their life purpose. Violets know they are here to do something significant. However, they aren't always sure what that something is or how to accomplish it.
Many Violets were taught as children that their dreams and aspirations were unrealistic, so they have lost touch with their original visions. It's important for Violets to reconnect with their life purpose and vision, and to take action. Otherwise they will always feel unfulfilled. They will always sense something is missing from their lives. Violets need to learn to slow down long enough to listen to their inner voice and to connect with their higher vision.
I am second mostly GREEN.
Greens are some of the most powerful and intelligent people in the aura spectrum. Greens are extremely bright. They process information and ideas quickly; jumping from steps one to ten. They do not like dealing with all the steps and details in between.
A project that is too detailed is tedious and boring for Greens . They prefer to develop an idea, organize a plan, and then delegate someone else to take care of the details.
Greens are very drawn to money, power, and business. These quick-thinkers are very organized and efficient. They write lists and efficiently check off the items on the list as they are completed. Greens recognize patterns and discover solutions very quickly.
When Greens are in their power, they can accomplish anything. They love to set goals and are determined to achieve them. Greens are “movers and shakers” when it comes to taking action. They are also typically the workaholics on the planet.
Greens are highly competitive and enjoy challenges. They thrive on taking risks. Gambling is common for Greens , especially if there is a potential for large winnings.
Being strong-willed, these powerful personalities are determined to have their own way, which they usually feel is the right way. A person is rarely able to win an argument with Greens.
TAKE THE QUIZ! Tell me if you do; I want to know what your colors are. My Results were as follows…
VIOLET: 8 points
GREEN: 7 points
MAGENTA: 6 points
YELLOW: 5 points
BLUE: 5 points
ABSTRACT TAN: 4 points
CRYSTAL: 3 points
LAVENDER: 2 points
RED: 2 points
INDIGO: 1 point
ORANGE: 0 points
LOGICAL TAN: 0 points
RED OVERLAY: 0 points

“How vain is it to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.””

The Wheel of Fortune
The wheel of fortune is turning in your favor. Many projects can now enjoy great success. Soon be time to reap benefits of what you are sowing. A cycle is continuing. Success. Unexpected luck. Happiness. Something new is emerging and will bring new and exciting energy. Opportunity. Have faith in what is happening at the moment. Divine forces at work to bring good fortune into your life. Trust in the cycle of life. Possible new money on the way.

Favorite Poetry

Sunflower Sutra

I walked on the banks of the tincan banana dock and
sat down under the huge shade of a Southern
Pacific locomotive to look at the sunset over the
box house hills and cry.
Jack Kerouac sat beside me on a busted rusty iron
pole, companion, we thought the same thoughts
of the soul, bleak and blue and sad-eyed,
surrounded by the gnarled steel roots of trees of
The oily water on the river mirrored the red sky, sun
sank on top of final Frisco peaks, no fish in that
stream, no hermit in those mounts, just ourselves
rheumy-eyed and hungover like old bums
on the riverbank, tired and wily.
Look at the Sunflower, he said, there was a dead gray
shadow against the sky, big as a man, sitting
dry on top of a pile of ancient sawdust--
--I rushed up enchanted--it was my first sunflower,
memories of Blake--my visions--Harlem
and Hells of the Eastern rivers, bridges clanking Joes
Greasy Sandwiches, dead baby carriages, black
treadless tires forgotten and unretreaded, the
poem of the riverbank, condoms & pots, steel
knives, nothing stainless, only the dank muck
and the razor-sharp artifacts passing into the
and the gray Sunflower poised against the sunset,
crackly bleak and dusty with the smut and smog
and smoke of olden locomotives in its eye--
corolla of bleary spikes pushed down and broken like
a battered crown, seeds fallen out of its face,
soon-to-be-toothless mouth of sunny air, sunrays
obliterated on its hairy head like a dried
wire spiderweb,
leaves stuck out like arms out of the stem, gestures
from the sawdust root, broke pieces of plaster
fallen out of the black twigs, a dead fly in its ear,
Unholy battered old thing you were, my sunflower O
my soul, I loved you then!
The grime was no man's grime but death and human
all that dress of dust, that veil of darkened railroad
skin, that smog of cheek, that eyelid of black
mis'ry, that sooty hand or phallus or protuberance
of artificial worse-than-dirt--industrial--
modern--all that civilization spotting your
crazy golden crown--
and those blear thoughts of death and dusty loveless
eyes and ends and withered roots below, in the
home-pile of sand and sawdust, rubber dollar
bills, skin of machinery, the guts and innards
of the weeping coughing car, the empty lonely
tincans with their rusty tongues alack, what
more could I name, the smoked ashes of some
cock cigar, the cunts of wheelbarrows and the
milky breasts of cars, wornout asses out of chairs
& sphincters of dynamos--all these
entangled in your mummied roots--and you there
standing before me in the sunset, all your glory
in your form!
A perfect beauty of a sunflower! a perfect excellent
lovely sunflower existence! a sweet natural eye
to the new hip moon, woke up alive and excited
grasping in the sunset shadow sunrise golden
monthly breeze!
How many flies buzzed round you innocent of your
grime, while you cursed the heavens of the
railroad and your flower soul?
Poor dead flower? when did you forget you were a
flower? when did you look at your skin and
decide you were an impotent dirty old locomotive?
the ghost of a locomotive? the specter and
shade of a once powerful mad American locomotive?
You were never no locomotive, Sunflower, you were a
And you Locomotive, you are a locomotive, forget me
So I grabbed up the skeleton thick sunflower and stuck
it at my side like a scepter,
and deliver my sermon to my soul, and Jack's soul
too, and anyone who'll listen,
--We're not our skin of grime, we're not our dread
bleak dusty imageless locomotive, we're all
beautiful golden sunflowers inside, we're blessed
by our own seed & golden hairy naked
accomplishment-bodies growing into mad black
formal sunflowers in the sunset, spied on by our
eyes under the shadow of the mad locomotive
riverbank sunset Frisco hilly tincan evening
sitdown vision.
Allen Ginsberg

Berkeley, 1955

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Friday, June 25, 2010

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

Once Trey came over and make eggs and apples. Lol. It was gross.

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