Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hottest boy ever!!

So i think i have finally decided that Channing Tatum is totally the hottest guy ever. Im really into that classic beauty kind of guy and hes totally that. When i first saw him it was on "Shes the Man" with Amanda Bynes && i thought " Egh hes a cuttie but hes not all that" Now i think hes completely gorgeous. Just everything about the way he looks && smiles && hes awesome body tells me that hes gorgeous. I love everything about that boy. Not to sound obsessed.

Anyway i was up last night wondering who the hottest guy on tv is (to me) right now and i couldnt choose between ryan renolds and robert pattinson. But then i was like " omg i totally forgot about Channing Tatum" He (to me) is the most gorgeous guy in the world lol. Well at least right now untill someone hotter comes along. [Mind you i had the same intrest in John Cena a few months back && look how fast i have moved on from that] Well for now i guess he is the most gorgeous guy i have ever seen.
I mean come on ... just go back up && stare at those gorgeous pictures for a while.. i think after a few minutes of looking yew will begin to drewl && understand why i declare him the most gorgeous man in the world!! [:


  1. hmm... yes i still agree with myself that he is completely gorgeous [:

  2. cera? like sarah right? i dont think he is the most good looking guy in the world because i really like heath ledger. but channing might be the hottest living guy in the world. yeah hes very cute but is he nice? thats important! but either way hes a looker.

  3. hm its interesting that you would right about channing tatum being the hottest guy on the earth right now or whatever but who is the hottest girl? and dont say megan fox. you cant say megan fox cause everyone says megan fox. yeah shes pretty hot or whatever but she has no boobs and have you seen her thumbs? eww weird!!! here: blog about this: megan foxs thumbs. go for it!

  4. oh my god. your totally on the moni with this one cerra. channing is effin sexy. hes got the body of a god. & a superstar face. yr so right hes the sexiest man alive or hottest either one he wins.