Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Babysitter.

So i have this babysitting job. I go everyday Monday- Friday from seven in the morning to six in the evening. I babysit four kids usually. Brianna is the oldest at 8, then Natalie at 7, then Lexi at 4 and finally baby Marc at alomst 2. Its a weird situation the family is in. Sometimes i only have to babysit two of the kids because two of the go with their real mom.
So ill go into detail about it: the dad is Robert and the mom is Cynthia. Robert was banging this other chick before Cynthia and they hit it up real nice.. had two kids.. Brianna and Lexi. Cynthia was messing up this other guy before Robert and they also had a kid.. Natalie. When Robert and Cynthia hit if off they decided to make their family "complete" and had baby Marc.

Anyway they asked me to stay the night today b/c they were gonna be at work late. They should be home around nine or nine thirty.. Right now im only watching Natalie and Marc and shit its driving me crazy!! Marc is hyper up the butthole and Natalie is being uber annoying.. like usuall. but its weird cuz shes still cute in a way lol. Well marc is about the cuttest baby i have ever seen. There is pics of him on my myspace. Well one pik lol and its indirect from his face but anyway. Hes being really difficult. He asked for "papa" which of course is food. so i made him a sandwich.. he took it and just threw it on the floor! Ugh wat a little shit! Then they both worked as a team to make Gods Great mess. The house looks worse then Earth did after God flooded earth and noah got off the boat to look around.. Its crazy in here. So instead of trying to control them i just decided to come blog about it.
Its soothing anyway [:

But i really should go and set some ground rules cause if not the house is gonna burn down. I think ill just lock them in their rooms haha. Sounds easier lol. I better get to it :p


  1. I babysit my brothers and trust me you have no idea wat aweful is untill you meet them. they are like twin devils forr real. They know how to drive you crazy!

  2. babysitting is the lamest so called job u culd evr have!! wtf its not even a job. & its not hard at all just make sure no one dies & get paid!!! easy things man. haha the shyt that gives u trouble makes me laugh.

  3. lol wild children.
    ur blogs r funny.
    can i link them to my myspace?
    my fav is the one about megan foxs thumb

  4. wild children? thats the stupidest line i have ever heard. cerra just slap them on the ass.

  5. haha...your a
    bestfriend...your a weird one :]