Thursday, July 30, 2009


Dane Cook. Not only is he super super good looking but hes freaking hilarious. I was just on and i was watching one of his videos. Omg i could not stop laughing. And its not like its the first time i have seen it but it just never stops being funny. I remember the first time i watched it i was like wtf this is not funny but now watching it again its pretty dam funny. Dane Cook is like super uber funny.
Imagine actually naming yewr kid Thrrrrr!! Omg i think i would just die of laughter evertytime i called him/her over. Its just freaking retarded to name yewr kid Thrrrr! Dam now i wish my name was Thrrr. Maybe then i wouldnt get in trouble so much. Maybe everytime my mom would start to yell at me, "God Dam It Thrrr!... You... " and then she would i forget wat she was gonna yell at me for cause she would be to busy laughing at my name. So i guess at the end of a troublesome day its a good thing.. Thrrrr.

Haha cant get enough of Thrrr..
&& then all that crap about optimus prime and megatron?? wtf that is some funny shitt! "Optimus prime come over here and sit next to megatron i wanna talk to you.... TTTHRRRRR I SAID NO COOKIES!!!" haha poor thrr.. he/she is always in trouble :p
well i recommend that everyone watch that video cuz its classic.. totally take the time to watch it and laugh at all that thrrr shyt its so dam funny!!!
just go to youtube and type in "dane cook optimus prime" and then just click the second one i think :pp'

go for it!!!!


  1. i love dane cook. hes incredibly sexy and hes so funny. i went to a live show of his in nevada once and it was just like the funniest show i have ever been to in my life. i have seen that video and its just so funny that he would think of something like that.. thr :p wat a name for a kid haha and then the funnier thing is that the parents agreed on he kid being named thrr :p
    love your blogs

  2. Thrr?
    i havent seen that video yet. optimus prime i mean. but the way you talk about it makes it sound pretty funny. Ill watch it in a while but while im here i must say that i do like dane cook hes a funny guy.

  3. dude i was literally just watching that video. i was on the phone with my corporal (yikes) && i was watching that video.. i kuld not stop laughing my ass off dude it was so fuking funny!

    i even snorted like twice :p haha puro embarassing lol. but yea.. it is like a super funny video. im not really up 2 date on all his other shit but that one is funny plus i like that movie of his.. employee of the month... that one is funny even though jessica simpson is a dumb ass..
    can yew do a blog fer me about jessica simpson gaining and loosing weight with your opinion on it? i think that would be interesting. i personally think even after she gained weight she was not fat but thats just me [:

  4. im a dane cook fanatic!

  5. i like ur blogs. i really like dane cook and good suggestion to watch that video.