Thursday, July 30, 2009

Early in the Morning.

Boys. Its amazing how they can keep yew up all nite on the phone talking about absolutely nothing & yew dont wanna hang up. Yew just stay up all nite talking about wat yew did that day & how boring yewr life is & how many people yew hate frum skewl. Stupid stuff like that. Yew ask him wats hes thinking every five minutes b/c yew have nothing else 2 talk about, & he rolls his eyes on the other side of the phone wondering wat he should say as an answer.. finally he just tells yew hes thinking about yew.. its funny that neither one wants 2 hang up the phone though :p
So last nite i stayed up till four thirty in the morning talking 2 this guy im really starting 2 like. We talked about nothing. And i mean nothing. For almost fifteen minutes we listened to each other breath on the phone. But i didnt wanna hang up, & im guessing he didnt either cuz he never said he did. Well anyway we finally struck up a conversation & we had already been talking fer a while.. so finally we both got tired & decided we would call it a nite.. i thought it was probably around midnight but wen i looked at the clock the stupid munbers shining bak at me read 4:30! OmG!
The thing is i have this so called "job". All i do is babysit sum kids at this ladys house. But i have to be there by seven thirty... i usually wake up about six thirty & leave the house by seven. So that means i would only have two hours of sleep IF i fell asleep right away! ugh life suks & so do boys. So I just got straight to bed.. it took me about two minutes 2 fall asleep n then i was out [:
BEEP BEEP BEEP! ugh my annoying alarm going off at six thirty am like it usually does during the week.. i just could not get my eyes to open.. i basically had to pryy them open with my fingernails.. but i decided to just lay my head back down & rest for another five minutes.
My mother came busrting through the door. "Cera its already gonna be seven!!!!!!"
Oh shit! i looked at the clock & it read 6:50! so i had ten minutes to do all my morning duties (:p duties) & be on my way! Wow. i was in such a hurry i almost forgot my shoes!
Dude wat a morning! And its funny cause im usually a morning person. but crap two hours of sleep! no way.. so i was late to "work" but oh well..
I really dont think im gonna be staying up so late on the phone anymore.. its killing me. As it is im about to fall asleep right now.. && i cant do that cause im watching a two year old (yet im on the computer lol but at least im awake) ha oh well [:
Learned my lesson && all that good stuff :)


  1. sounds like a personal problem :) well the solution is to just not have a phone at all or you can just make sure you dont over use it. haha.

  2. i think we have all had those days where we have to wake up early but we went to bed late and its hard to get up.. since im a guy i have never had that problem for the same reason you did. well the same but with a girl. but funny story

  3. well at least you finally got up. did you fall asleep on the baby because being on the computer ignoring him and falling asleep is almost the same thing ha.